Faith Chapel Group Host Recruitment & Training
6:00 PM18:00

Faith Chapel Group Host Recruitment & Training

Faith Chapel members! It’s that time of year when we prepare for the Faith Chapel Groups fall semester. This is an evening of fun training on how to host while you enjoy good food and a time of fellowship.

Who is looking forward to leading a Faith Chapel Group during this fall semester?! 

We are so excited to invite all current hosts, Host Mentors, and members interested in becoming a host

To a very special orientation and training session for the fall semester.  If you fit in one of these categories, visit, click BE A HOST to register for this event. 

You can also submit a new Host Application from this website.

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LIT 18
6:00 PM18:00

LIT 18

LIT 18 is where we "pull the mask off" of these topics in a provocative, open and raw way - from the mouths of those who were once ‘bout that life’ and made similar choices before discovering a different way.

Join us Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at The Bridge (Venue). Doors open at 6pm.

Be sure to come through at 6pm for the FREE FOOD at the Meet & Greet before we get into that real talk at 7pm. Bring your friends and join the conversation.

Host and Co Host

LP and Star Page


“How I Got Free From Crack, Crime and the Struggle to Stay Clean”

Special Guest

Al Davis

December’s LIT 18 is going to showcase a gentleman that was caught up in a life of drugs and crime and managed to find his way out.  But he had a tough time of remaining free.  Come out on Wednesday, December 5th and hear how hear was able to move to a place of total victory.

For more information, visit

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