Are you faithful?

Faithfulness is defined as being the concept of unfailingly remaining loyal to someone or something and putting that loyalty into consistent practice, regardless of extenuating circumstances.

So now that you know what being faithful is, do you consider yourself faithful? Can God trust you with the upkeep of your body so that it can be used to uplift His kingdom? To be honest our bodies do not belong to us. God is just so good to us that He has graciously allowed us to rent our bodies for a while, but one day we will have to return them to Him. When we go to Hertz and rent a car for the weekend we make sure that we take exceptional care of that rental car because we know that if we turn it back in damaged then we will have to pay extra fees on top of the initial cost to rent the car. So if we are so concerned about a car, why do we not treat the bodies that we have been blessed with equal or greater value? Is your body not worth more than a pile of metal? Let's make sure that we are showing God our faithfulness by keeping our bodies maintained by eating right, getting our yearly check ups, exercising on a regular basis, and everything else that it takes to keep our bodies running smoothly.

Today before you put anything in your mouth, before you say I'm too tired to excercise, etc. ask yourself....Am I showing God my faithfulness?

Varian May