Rob Hill Sr. wrote a poem called "Daddy Stop Dreaming." In the poem, the daddy told his son that he stopped dreaming because he felt his time to dream had passed. The Daddy mentioned how he never had the time to do things like dream, because he had bills to pay and debt to cancel. As I read this poem, I began to think about the parents in this challenge and their influence. As a parent, what example are you showing your children? Maybe you don't have children but you have someone who looks up to you. Have you given them false hope to live a healthy life due to your lack of time to take care of your body. Too busy to cook, too busy to workout, too busy for YOU. Are your choices giving your children or the person who looks up to you hope that they can live a life free from medicine or a life free from obesity. Children base a lot of what they can and can't accomplish from what parents show and tell them. Wives, what impact are you making on your husbands?  Husbands, are you leading your family to live a healthy life? Whatever the case may be, be an example to others that they too can live a healthy life.  



Father, your word says that to whom much is given, much is required. I thank your for the privilege to be an example to ________________(children, grandchildren, wife, husband, etc.). I pray that you give me the Grace to represent you well as I lead others towards a healthy lifestyle.