Whenever you begin a fitness program, the excitement of the program can easily fade as the program progresses. For some of you, the beginning of this challenge was either challenging or very easy. If you fell under the category where this challenge was very easy, don't be surprised if you begin to hit a plateau or become frustrated. I have seen a number of people who began this challenge, but eventually lost enthusiasm due to frustration from not seeing immediate results or hitting a plateau. The Bible says the end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride (Ecclesiastes 7:8). It's not how you begin a program, but rather how you finish that makes the difference. Frustration has the power to make us fall because we feel that if we make a mistake that we can't continue the challenge. Don't allow Satan to make you feel that if you make one mistake than you can't finish and definitely don't cover up one mistake with another mistake (eating something fried and you feeling like you might as well eat bad the rest of the day because you already made one mistake). One thing that we always have to remember and that is no matter how strong we are, we will always have the potential to fail. God's strength is always made strong in our weakness, so we as Christians have to always rely on the Holy Spirit to give us strength beyond our own abilities.


Father I thank you that I have your strength to help me in the tough times of my healthy lifestyle change. Please help me to be patient when I am frustrated. Teach me to keep my trust in You and to remember it is You who is able to keep me from falling. I thank you in advance that I walking out my healthy lifestyle.


know that some of you might have had some challenges coming over the weekend with sticking to your nutritional plan. Don't get frustrated and give up. It is a process and I  know that you have the power to finish this race strong.