Portion control is very important in your fitness journey because it helps you to set boundaries to your daily eating. There are often times where we feel like we are eating healthy, but we are way out of our boundaries. Restaurants are now realizing that the larger the portions, the more people will return to the restaurant. Our goal in this challenge is to make you more aware of your food choices as well as your portions. We prepared our foods on yesterday, but there are times when you may not be able to eat the foods you have prepared such as unexpected business meeting, last minute teacher meeting, etc. Snacks that are prepared in advance are a great way to help you stay focused. If you ever happen to be at a restaurant and you notice that the portions are larger than usual, go ahead and ask for a to go box and place the extra portions in the to go box in advance. This little tip will help you to stay discipline and not overeat. The beginning of the week always set the tone for the remainder of the week. Placing your prep foods in reusable containers will help you stay inside of your portion control. One way to help you know if you are using the right portions is the Plate Method. If you take a plate, half of the plate should be vegetables. You then will divide the other half side of the plate in half. 1/4 of the plate should be your lean meats and the other should be your healthy carb. This 21 day challenge is built to help you try new ways of thinking. As you begin your week as the Holy Spirit to help you when it comes to your portions.


Father I thank you that you have given me the strength to finish this week off strong. Holy Spirit I ask that you reveal to me food choices or meals that lead me to gluttony rather than a healthy balanced diet. I thank you that I am a healthy living witness for you and that i live my life holy unto you.