As Christians, when we look at the different sins that are listed, we naturally tend to look at some sins higher than others. It's amazing how so many Christians look at fornication, murder, etc. as bad sin, but they never take the time to look at gluttony or self indulgence as a sin. Have you ever heard someone say "Oh,  I have been doing this for years, I can't change now."? So many people have become comfortable with their sin of overeating and self indulgence that they have become numb to their bad choices. Food for some has become an idol that they worship. In Deuteronomy, the Bible said "Jesherun grew fat and kicked. Filled with food he became heavy and sleek. He abandoned God. Maybe you have not abandoned God spiritually, but have you abandoned God when it comes to food? What food items have you made an idol? What is the one thing that you said you could never give up? I understand very well how hard it may be to say no to something we have said yes to for so long. Remember it is God who gives us the power and grace to overcome. Say no to the things that are holding you captive.


For some of you all, it may be a challenge to say no to fried foods and junk foods. But remember, you can ask God for grace for the weekend. Say no to bad foods, and yes to God's help.