Nike took this phrase, but they understood that sometimes you can't think about it, you just have to do it. For some, the thought of working out on a Friday seems absurd, but the Bible tells us to be ye doers of the Word. What does the Word say? --Just Do It. Okay, not really but it was worth a try. Psalm 138:3 says, "When the day I cried out, you answered me and made me bold with strength in my soul." What is our soul? Our soul is our mind, will, and emotions.  So, if we as Christians cry out to God to help us with our exercise and eating today, even though we don't want to, He will change our will and give our mind and will strength to honor him with our body.


ather, I thank You thank my thoughts are in line with Your Word today and I pray that You strengthen my soul today.


Today we are tackling abs. This is a trouble spot for most. Remember that you can't spot train, meaning only work your abs. Fat is what's covering that six pack, so you can target that with your healthy eating.

Have a great weekend!