Today is your first day to be free from anything that may be hindering you from God's plan for your life. Freedom is a choice and by you choosing this program, you have chosen to free yourself of the things that are holding you back. The Bible says that whom the Son is set free is surely free indeed. Before we begin our journey, we need to ask God to free us from anything physically or mentally that may be holding us back.


Dear Father,

I come to you today boldy in prayer to ask you to reveal to me anything that may be holding me bound or captive. I ask you to free me from ____________________(stress,death, food, dissapointment, etc) and I thank you that by the name of Jesus I am free. I ask for Grace as I begin my 21 Day challenge, so that i may live a healthy free life for you.



1. Your first step is to step on the scale and to see where your journey begins. Remember we asked God to free us from anything hindering us, and for some that means the shame of the scale. Well guess what?? You are free from the scale!!! This is the only time you will get on the sace until the end of the challenge.

2. The second step is to take a picture of yourself. For those interested in weight loss, this picture will be a reminder of where you once were. If you follow this process God's way, this will be the last time you see yourself this way.


The videos will give you step by step instructions on your workouts. All you need to do is show up as you are, do the workout that you can do, and watch God give you the strength to do the rest. Before each workout, ask the Holy Spirit to give you Grace and Strength to finish this workout strong.